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Company Philosophy

In the UK we have two groups of people concerned in the nutrition of the crop - the fertiliser trader who might do a P, K, Mg soil analysis and will supply the product or its equivalent as requested by the farmer. On the other side are agronomists who are trained to look for weeds, pests and diseases and will notice if a crop is yellowing but often do not notice if leaves are not developing to a good size or the other less obvious signs of deficiency. Crop nutrition effects are often not very noticeable, it is easy to leave them out of programmes to "save" money.

We believe that pressures on water usage will increase the amount of drip irrigation in the future and this offers growers the possibility of using fertigation products and a much greater degree of control over the fertiliser programme. Foliar application also offers growers the chance to regulate N levels in crops with more precision than applying granules to the ground and waiting for rain to make them available to the plant - or not if we hit a drought period

Crop Nutrition - Background

The Way Forward