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Eichhorn and Augsten (1974) found that the symptoms of B deficiency are caused by changes in protein and carbohydrate metabolism, respiration, photosynthesis and other metabolic processes

Boron deficiency leads to the accumulation of soluble nitrogenous compounds and a lower protein content of the cytoplasm ( Hundt et al 1970, Hecht-Buchholz 1972)

Kibalenko (1972) found that beet with a good boron status had 20% more thiamine(vitamin B1) 43-66% more biotin, 46-160% more pantothenic acid and 73-95% more nicotinic acid

According to Tolgyesi and Kozma (1974) there is a positive correlation between boron uptake and both potassium and magnesium content of grasses

Kibalenko et al (1977) found that sugar beet with good levels of B had higher yields, contained more sugar, had better quality syrup and contained less ash.

Kouchi and Kumazawa (1975) (Marschner 1995) found that growth of roots is reduced when B is deficient

Boron deficient maize has poorly developed cobs which do not set grain to the tip

Nitrogen fixation of leguminous plants is reduced by B deficiency

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