Demeter Technology

Crop Mix

Late drilling of cereals due to adverse weather conditions may result in poorly established crops going into winter.

These crops are more susceptible to adverse weather conditions and disease than well established crops.

Soils which lock up manganese (high pH) also tend to lock up copper and zinc.

Manganese is implicated in the control of water status of the plant and in protein and carbohydrate metabolism. It may also affect chlorophyll synthesis.

Manganese deficient plants often have a floppy and paler green appearance. But plants deficient in manganese also accumulate nitrate in the leaves so the leaves may still appear to be dark green.

Zinc deficiency reduces protein synthesis and leads to the accumulation of nitrates. New leaves tend to be longer and narrower than usual.

Copper deficiency affects protein metabolism and copper is involved in lignin synthesis. Deficient plants may have twisted leaves and root growth may be affected.

All three elements affect the frost hardiness of plants.

All three elements affect the crops resistance to diseases.

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