Demeter Technology

MTM Slurry Manager

More Than Manure (MTM) Nutrient Manager

The first and only manure manager to reduce:

• Nitrogen loss from leaching, volatilization and denitrification
• Phosphorus lock-up

That means improved nutrient efficiency for your crops and better yields and quality.

In addition to boosting nutrient efficiency, MTM can also:

• Reduce ammonia levels in livestock buildings when added to in-ground pits or lagoons.

• Lead to reduction of solids in pits or lagoons

Keeps slurry more homogenous for easier pumping

Polymer chemistry works at all temperatures

Enjoy maximum convenience and ease of use.

Regardless of crop, application rate or livestock manure source, use MTM at the rate of 1.3l per hectare. Simply apply over the top of dry applied manure or add to liquid manures in:

• Confinement pits or lagoons

• Transportation and application equipment

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