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Potassium and Potatoes

Potassium deficiency has been found to increase the incidence of potato blight and other diseases such as alternaria

Potassium improves plant health and vigour, making infection less likely. Potassium increases the production of disease inhibitory compounds. When plant K levels are low inorganic N accumulates and phenols which have fungicidal properties are rapidly broken down. K deficiency also leads to thinner cell walls making it easier for diseases to penetrate

The translocation of photosynthates is reduced by potassium deficiency

Potassium deficient tubers bruise more readily

Plants deficient in potassium wilt more readily on warm sunny days and have decreased drought resistance.

Poor rooting may limit uptake of K

Potatoes require high levels of K during tuber development and bulking, this is the period of maximum offtake andeven well fertilised soils may not supply the crop with sufficient K during this period

Potassium thiosulphate supplies a readily absorbed supply of both K and S

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