Demeter Technology

SulFer 85 for Grass

Silage grass needs approx 15-20kg Sulphur per cut

Organic manures can provide 0.5-1.0kg S per tonne but only 5-10% of this may be available in the first year

Leaching losses of S are likely at least to equal the S input from the atmosphere and losses of 35kg/ha/yr have been recorded at Woburn

In arable systems where organic matter is not accumulatingthere is little scope for immobilisation of sulphate into organic S in the log-term, therefore there tends to be little buildup of S even when it is applied regularly as a fertiliser

Soils with pH over 6 have low absorption capacity for sulphate

Soil deposition of S throughout the UK is now generally less than 10kg/ha /yr with the majority receiving less than half of this

Deficiencies first began to show in Ireland and Scotland over twenty years ago. The whole of Ireland probably now receives less than 5kg/ha/yr.

Sulphur optimises the use of nitrogen fertiliser and thus decreases the potential for nitrate leaching

The desirable dietaryN:S ratio is about 10.4:1 for sheep and 13.5-15:1 for cattle

Application of S to correct deficiency is unlikely to have any great effect on the Cu levels

Application of Sincreases vitamin A concentration of forage

Crude protein content of corn silage may be increased by S fertilisation

Cellulose digestibility is increased by S

Work has shown increased S uptake increases both wool and meat production of sheep and milk production of dairy cows

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