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SunBoost and Maize

The form of stabilised Nitrogen, rather than nitrate Nitrogen in Sunboost, will help root development and the calcium
within the product will help streghthen the cell walls to resist
any stress that the plant may suffer in the coming growing

The importance of good root establishment is vital, particularly with a crop like maize. Without good root establishment, the roots will stay on top of the soil surface and produce nothing like a good yield. With one or two applications of 10l/ha Sunburst, growers can encourage thecrop to develop a healthy root system which in turn will develop a good crop

Maize productivity is improved when plants are supplied with a mix of nitrate and ammonium N usually as a result of greater kernel numbers.

Nitrogen applied as a foliar urea spray is largely absorbed in the NH2 form and is thus more readily incorporated into protein.

Sunboost is urea solution stabilised with calcium chloride. Standard urea solutions lose N in the ammonium form, this occurs even under cooler conditions in the morning or evening but is greater at higher temperatures. By reducing this loss the plant is able to utilise the N in Sunboost more efficiently thus reducing the rate required.

Calcium is essential to increase cell wall strength in all crops. This makes plants more resistant to attack by both pests and diseases and also increases the plants resistance to stress.

Calcium increases the plants uptake of N

Maize, cereals and potatoes have also been shown to respond favourably to chloride nutrition.

Application of 25-50l/ha Sunboost will supply the plant with readily absorbed ammonium nitrogen and calcium

Ammonium n is more readily utilised by the roots and encourages the development of more adventitious roots, thus increasing the plants uptake of other nutrients and restoring the balance

Maize plants also require S for the efficient utilisation of N and boron for healthy cob growth. Where maize is grown in areas deficient in S applications should be applied as soon as possible

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