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SunBoost for Autumn crops


Even when seed bed conditions have been good these crops need to grow rapidly to maximise their potential

Nitrogen deficiency can result from heavy rainfall washing the N down the soil profile.

Nitrogen deficiency in cereals results in reduced leaf growth and tillering

For most plants optimum growth rates are achieved when there is a mix of nitrate and ammonium nitrogen available to the plant

55% of England, 13% of Scotland and 3% of Wales are designated Nitrate Vulnerable Zones- most of arable area

Farmers in NVZ€™s must be able to justify the nitrogen they use


Sunboost is urea solution stabilised with calcium chloride. Standard urea solutions lose N in the ammonium form, this occurs even under cooler conditions in the morning or evening but is greater at higher temperatures. By reducing this loss the plant is able to utilise the N in Sunboost more efficiently thus reducing the rate required.

Calcium is essential to increase cell wall strength in all crops. This makes plants more resistant to attack by both pests and diseases, including problem diseases such as Fusarium.

Application of Ca to the crop increases the plants uptake of N

Powdery mildew and rust are suppressed by application of chloride fertiliser

Calcium applied with nitrogen increases nitrogen use efficiency by more rapid absorption, and possibly increases in photosynthesis

Because less N is applied there are lower residues in the soil to cause environmental problems

Rather than applying 50 kg N farmers should use 20l/ha Sunboost

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