Demeter Technology

SunBoost for Malting Barley


Can be used to boost N levels of high N malting barleys and protein levels of milling wheats

Foliar application allows growers to adjust the crop nitrogen more readily than granular nitrogen

Is taken up rapidly by the plant €“ no waiting for N to be absorbed through the roots

Supplements granular fertiliser, making it easier to achieve desired N/protein levels without using excess fertiliser

Foliar applied urea after awn emergence increased grain protein more effectively than broadcast ammonium nitrate

The addition of calcium with nitrogen results in increased N absorption, grain yield, tiller formation, dry matter and grain weight per unit of dry matter

Application of calcium apparently causes foliar metabolites to be re-directed to the grain. Maximum effects on tillering were gained when calcium was applied at jointing (GS 31) and on grain yields when applied at boot stage (GS 45)

Calcium applied with nitrogen increases nitrogen use efficiency by more rapid absorption, greater metabolite deposition in seeds and possibly increases in photosynthesis

After anthesis N uptake by roots ceases and most of the N required for grain growth is translocated from vegetative parts. Leaf proteins may be hydrolysed resulting in decreases in the amount and activity of photosynthesis

Adding calcium to cereals appears to improve the ability of the plant to move metabolites out of the flag leaf and into grain

Applying foliar N allows N levels to be increased without the risks of lodging created by higher levels of soil applied N

Foliar applied urea and calcium increase the plants resistance to disease

In order to utilise N plants must have sufficient S for every 10k N applied

Because Sunboost is stabilised it is more efficient than urea solutions: 50l/ha applies 11.5k N but is equivalent to applying 200l/ha standard urea. ( 40kN)


Barley: Apply 25-30l/ha SunBoost as required

Wheat: To boost protein levels apply 50l/ha SunBoost from GS 45

Sulphur: Apply 1 k Sulphur 95 per 10k nitrogen

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