Demeter Technology

SunBoost for Oilseed Rape


Sunboost is urea solution stabilised with calcium chloride. Standard urea solutions lose N in the ammonium form, this occurs even under cooler conditions in the morning or evening but is greater at higher temperatures. By reducing this loss the plant is able to utilise the N in Sunboost more efficiently thus reducing the rate required.

Oilseed rape crops have as much Ca in the seed as Mg approx 2.5kg per tonne but total offtake of Ca in seed and stubble is approximately 3x higher than Mg and 2x higher than S.

Calcium is essential to increase cell wall strength in all crops. This makes plants more resistant to attack by both pests and diseases. Field trials in Canada suggest that applications of Calcium may help to reduce levels of sclerotinia in the crop.

By strengthening cell walls Calcium reduces levels of transpiration, combined with chloride which helps cells to hold water the resistance of the plant to drought is increased

Calcium applied to the crop at grain fill also helps to redirect the products of photosynthesis into the grain

Calcium applied with nitrogen increases nitrogen use efficiency by more rapid absorption, greater metabolite deposition in seeds and possibly increases in photosynthesis.

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