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SunBoost in Scotland


The restrictions on levels of applied N in Scotland are limiting the ability of growers to maintain high yields and quality of crops.

Application of Sunboost can help farmers to utilise their nitrogen budget more efficiently as the stabilisation allows reduced rates of N to replace standard dressings, eg on wheat growers apply 50l/ha (11kg N) in place of 200l/ha ( 44kg N)

Sunboost is urea solution stabilised with calcium. Standard urea solutions lose N in the ammonium form, this occurs even under cooler conditions in the morning or evening but is greater at higher temperatures. By reducing this loss the plant is able to utilise the N in Sunburst more efficiently thus reducing the rate required.

Calcium applied with nitrogen increases nitrogen use efficiency by more rapid absorption, greater metabolite deposition in seeds and possibly increases in photosynthesis in crops.

Calcium applied to the crop at grain fill also helps to redirect the products of photosynthesis into the grain

Calcium is essential to increase cell wall strength in all crops. This makes plants more resistant to attack by both pests and diseases, including problem diseases such as Fusarium.

Increasing nitrogen supply to potatoes enhances both shoot and root growth, but usually the shoot growth more than the root growth, leading to a fall in root/shoot dry weight. However roots do become more branched and the surface area increases so the capacity for water and nutrient uptake is less affected. The effect of increasing root surface area is more distinct if the source of N is ammonium rather than as nitrate

Chloride has been shown to increase kernel growth during the grain fill period and to increase kernel weight

By strengthening cell walls Calcium reduces levels of transpiration, combined with chloride which helps cells to hold water the resistance of the plant to drought is increased

Nitrogen applied to the soil is taken up mostly as nitrate N since the soil bacteria convert urea N to nitrate. In order to incorporate this into protein the NO3 has to be reduced to NH2.

Nitrogen applied as a foliar urea spray is largely absorbed in the NH2 form and is thus more readily incorporated into protein.

Sunboost can be applied as a nitrogen source to any crop.

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