Demeter Technology

Unibest Soil and Fertiliser Testing

How It Works In natural soil environments plant roots release Hydrogen (H+) and Hydroxide (OH-) Ions in exchange for available nutrients in soil. UNIBEST Ion-Exchange Resin Capsules (IERC’s) release these same ions in exchange for available nutrients in your soil. Once nutrients from the solution phase are adsorbed by the IERC, the H+ and OH- then exchange for available nutrients on soil exchange sites. This measurement goes beyond just the solution phase and provides critical predictive data associated with the soil’s ability release available nutrients to match plant nutrient acquisition requirements (Lbs/Ac/Day).? ? UNIBEST Ag Manager™ only adsorbs nutrients from the soil if they are in forms & amounts available for root uptake. UNIBEST Ag Manager™ values reflect the active, dynamic components of each soil medium & its Bioavailability systems as it functions over time. Methods that extract soil chemicals with other chemicals do not reflect how elements in a natural soil environment respond to continuous removal by biological activity over time.?

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